The practice has been established for over thirty years designing and delivering all manner of projects both commercial and residential. These range from hotels to schools, food courts to cruise ships, theme parks to restaurants as well as many forms of residential accommodation. Several of these are overseas, from the United States to South Africa as well as in Spain, Germany, Portugal and France. In recent years, the practice has focused its skills, gleaned from these varied experiences, on creating the best single and multiple homes. The primary ethos being that each property be as individual as its occupants, having their own personalities and influences. Whether modernist or Arts and Craft, Victorian or contemporary, the finished products exude the essences of these styles but retain their individuality. The firm has, for this reason, avoided a ‘house style’, but rather fashioned the end result according to its environment and the client’s particular tastes and goals.

This principle has also been applied to existing, old and ancient properties by sensitively restoring and enhancing them in a way that personalises them just as the new-builds, creating not just accommodation but a lifestyle.