AGA Installation Day

A man is working on an Auto Draft stove in a kitchen.

This beautiful Olivine green AGA is being installed at our new build property in Cheshire East. This iconic cooker makes a stunning design statement and is definitely going to make this kitchen the heart of the home.

The AGA cooker was invented by Swedish physicist, Dr Gustaf Dalén in 1922 after he was blinded in a terrible accident. Whilst he was convalescing at home when he realised his wife was using a range that was dangerous, dirty and exceptionally time consuming.  He wanted to create a cooker that was instead clean, economical to run, easy to use and which produced great food with the minimum fuss. In doing so, he invented a cooker that changed the lives of cooks the world over.The AGA was an immediate success and came to Britain in 1929. For a century AGA has been bringing life to the kitchen. The company has deep roots in Shropshire, and it is where AGA cookers are still made today.

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