January 11, 2021 tsiantarcom

We have been working alongside Mantis Energy on one of our latest new build projects in Prestbury, to incorporate the latest renewable and environmentally friendly technology to heat, power and ventilate the dwelling.

The property will be heated using an electrically powered air source heat pump, which will extract heat from the air and use it to heat the house through a specially designed underfloor heating system. The Air Source Heat Pump will also use the reverse method to cool the house through underfloor cooling on hot days.

Ventilation will be provided through a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Unit (MVHR) which will remove the hot humid air from bathrooms, take the heat from this and use it to heat fresh air coming into the other rooms in the property. On the roof there are a number of solar panels, which have been carefully calculated to suit the requirements of the MVHR and Air Source Heat Pump.

The solar panels will also power a battery unit so that the property can work off the grid in the eventuality of a power outage. All appliances in the property are electric meaning there is no requirement for natural gas, so providing the homeowner is on a green energy tariff the house could be fully powered by renewable technology!

We at Tsiantar Architects believe that in the near future all new build dwellings will move towards being fully electric and use this technology to heat, power and ventilate them allowing us to live healthier, reduce operating costs and reduce our carbon footprint.